About Me


On the trail I am known as Moondaddie. A name stemming from the box of MoonPies that I consumed on my 1998 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Off trail David Rothrock is what common folk call me.

I am origionally from Avon, NY, a small town south of Rochester, NY. These days you can find me living in Great Valley, NY in a small farm house surrounded by thousands of acres of state land. Great Valley is located south of buffalo, NY and close to the Pennsylvania Border.

My first real backpacking trip was the Appalachian Trail and since that time I have had an undying thirst to be outdoors. I am drawn to the challenge and beauty that long distance hiking provides. Who doesn’t like being tired, smelly and malnourished? When I am not slogging miles you may find me ice climbing or finding something foolish to do in the woods.