Long Trail 8/16: Corliss Camp 11.4 miles

Early breakfast of scrambled eggs with Vermont Cheddar Cheese, sausage and O.J. hit the spot this morning! Set the date and time on my camera and I hope it stays correct this time.

Back on the trail by 7:45 this morning. I had an easy day of less than 12 miles. Decided to make a short day because of the weather forecast. Heavy rain and winds are expected early to late afternoon. Covering bigger miles early has allowed me to make changes as needed. I caught up to Lambs Quarter and shivers as they were lounging by a lookout at Laraway Mountain.

Made it to camp around 1:30 this afternoon. Heavy rain began to fall as I entered the shelter. Overall the the hiking today was easy and quite enjoyable.

There is some BAT SHIT crazy lady from Utah in the shelter. Her shit is strewn all over the shelter. She started at the norther terminus. Claims that she is getting off at RT. 15 in Johnson. She told me that it took her 4 days to cover the 38 miles from the start, but then said she has already taken 2 full days off. Not sure what to believe.

***BAT SHIT CRAZY is actually CAT SHIT CRAZY***  She is wearing a shirt that is covered with pictures of cats. It is all making sense now!!!

A few more section hikers rolled into the shelter around 3:30 this afternoon. Definitely glad that I had planned such a short day as it looks like this shelter is going to be full tonight.

At 4:00 Some Guy (trail name) popped his head in the shelter.  I had heard of him, but not actually crossed paths with him until today. Seems like a good guy. Quit his job driving the book-mobile to come out and hike the LT.

Spent the evening playing Hearts with Lambs Quarter, Shivers and Some Guy. I Won!!!

The rain continues to fall and the wind is whipping out there!!! So glad that I am in a shelter. To date I haven’t used my tarp once.

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