Long Trail 8/15: Nye’s Green Valley Farm 4 miles


Easy short 4 miles or so down to the road from Bear Hollow. The majority of the walking was down logging roads. Walked into Johnson, VT via the rails to trails.

Quick stop into the grocery store to pick up a few extra ramen noodles to supplement the 2 days of food that I shipped to the B&B. Stuffed my face at Subway where I ended up staying for an hour while my phone charged.

Road walked to the Landmark Tavern to kill a few hours until Marsha from Nye’s could come and pick me up. I was hopeful that the tavern would be open, but I was not lucky on this day. So instead of drinking a cold beer I elected to spread out in the shade and take a nap.

Marsha picked me up around 2 in the afternoon in her convertible. Good choice of vehicles to pick me up. The owners of  Nye’s are fabulous people. You may not meet a more friendly couple along the trail. They have put me in this cute little room with twin beds. Best part of this room in the Air Conditioning!!! This place is clean and comfortable!

After checking in I was able to take a shower and organize my food for tomorrows departure. Included in my stay is laundry, so I have handed my disgusting clothing over for them to wash. Marsha’s husband Dave gave me a quick lift into town so I could get dinner and some beer. Enjoyed an evening of lounging, beer, and watching the Olympics.

Excited for tomorrow mornings breakfast and hitting the trail. Hopefully I can blast out a short 12 mile day before the shitty weather sets in.

Not many miles left in this journey.

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