Long Trail 8/10: Appalachian Gap 24 Miles

Early morning start with rain showers, but not enough to ensure that there is ample water along the trail. Again I find myself taking water any chance I can get it. As the day progressed the heat started to beat the crap out me. Sweaty feet have left a couple of hot spots on my heels, but nothing major. Lots of opportunities for pictures, but I just kept hiking with the goal of hitting town.

I cranked out the miles today (24) in order to get to the post office to pick up a new pair of trail runners and my food drop. I had arranged with Anne late last week to send me out a new pair of kicks. Not sure how I could do these hikes without her support. I have been stretching the life out of my first pair of trail runners and desperately need to put a new pair on before I hit the big mountains.

Caught a quick hitch at Appalachian Gap from a local who took me directly to the post office and then to  the Hyde Away Inn. I hadn’t planned to be in town until tomorrow, but I need what I need. New kicks, burgers, beer!, and a cold shower.

The inn isn’t a classy joint, but it certainly will do the trick. Breakfast is included with my stay!!! Had a nice shower, did my laundry in the bath tub. Socks got a good solid washing! After cleaning up I headed to the bar for beer and water. Headed back to the room to organize my gear and the food I picked up at the post office. It was nice to have the Olympics on in the back ground while doing my chores.

Did I mention that it is HOT! No air conditioning, so I have taken a cold shower.

Went down to the bar for a burger and a beer. Nice rare burger with a Heady Topper certainly hit the spot. Got a beer to go and spent the rest of the evening lying in bed with the fan on high sipping my suds while watching the Olympics.


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