Long Trail 8/9: Skyline Lodge 16.0 Miles

The weather this morning couldn’t have been more perfect. Sunny with a nice breeze.

The climb out of Brandon Gap kicked my butt! 1000ft of elevation gain in a mile certainly got my blood pumping.

The rest of the day was filled with ups and downs and provided a few good views.  As the day rolled on the heat and lack of water sources began to be an issue. The first 7 miles of the day only produced 1 real water source and I acted like a camel in the desert at it! I loaded up on water at the Sucker Brook Shelter at the advice of a southbound I had met earlier in the morning. I was thankful for the beta!!! There was no water for the next 9 miles. Not even a puddle.

Arrived at Skyline Lodge around 4:30 this afternoon. What an incredible lodge (Cabin) overlooking a pond. Although there is a pond, the water was schwag and nasty. But it is water. Spent time down by the pond drinking like a camel again. I was so hoping that the pond would be nice enough for swim, but there is no way I was getting in the cesspool for a dip. My feet and body are feeling good, but I am becoming more worried about water.

6pm and a crew of college girls arrived at the shelter for an overnight with excessive amounts of food and a bottle of wine! I managed to Yogi a chocolate chip cookie. Awesome!!! Tried to Yogi wine, but they just weren’t going to part with any. Oh well. Ten minutes later a crew of 8 showed up and nosed around. Not an overly friendly group. They have elected to tent rather than share space with the likes of me and the college girls. Their loss!!!

I felt a little bad when the college girls showed this evening up because I had nasty socks and clothing hanging from the clothes line on the porch. My clothing has taken on the appearance, smell and rigidity(socks) that one expects when thru-hiking. I quickly took down my crap to make room for them. With the heat everybody is sweaty and gross and they quickly made use of the lines for their clothing. Use your imagination here if you want.

Nice and quiet and peaceful in the lodge this evening. I’m sitting on the front porch writing while listening to the frogs croak and a kingfisher calling and diving for dinner. Stayed as long as I could on the porch, but the black flies are hungry and forcing me in early.

After a hearty dinner and some reading, it’s light out! I have the entire bottom bunk to myself and the ladies have elected to stay in the top bunk. I hope they don’t snore or giggle all night. I need my rest!



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