Long Trail 8/8: Sunrise Shelter 19.2 Miles

Up early for breakfast with Hard-Tack and some guy in a kilt heading south on the Long Trail. Kilt guy gave us some beta about the water situation north of Maine Junction. Sounds like it is very dry and water is scarce. Talked with The Incredibles for a spell as well as other Long Trail hikers.

Hit the trail with Hard-Tack around 9 am. Short road walk down to the trail and then back into the woods. My body is a bit lethargic and my legs felt tight this morning.

Absolutely gorgeous day today. Slight breeze with temperatures in the low 70’s. the hiking was fairly easy, but i needed to will myself up some of the climbs. Lethargy for me is common after a stay in town. Kilt Guy was spot on that water water is going to be an issue. I will need to refill on water ever chance that is available.

Made a quick stop at the junction where the Appalachian Trail splits from the Long Trail. Part of me wishes that I could continue my journey all the way to Katahdin. The other part of me wants nothing to do with the type of thru-hikers that I have met. The Incredibles came by and quickly moved on north towards Canada. Kids are having a ball on this hike and bring a great energy to the trail and all that they meet.

Didn’t kill myself with pace today and made it to the Sunrise Shelter around 7pm. Hard Tack made it in around 8:15. This was his first big mile day at nearly 20 miles and he is heat beat, but in good spirits. He has learned a lot on his hike and hast worked to push through the pain. He is good company and will surely make it to the end.

Northstar a hiker from Toronto is in the shelter and two others are tenting tonight. My mileage after today will begin to drop knowing that the terrain is going to become more challenging. I pushed a longer day today to cut down a 19 mile day I had planned for next week. I know that with the heat, lack of water, and rough terrain coming up that this will be a smart move.



from WhiteBlaze.net


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