Long Trail 8/7: Inn at Long Trail 0 Miles

Welcome to the Inn at Long Trail!!!

Chris and I were up early this morning. Packed up and headed to Sugar and Spice for breakfast. Excellent Chow and a great atmosphere to start the morning.

We drove up to Killington after breakfast to check out the resort. Impressive with lots of activities available for the family.

Chris dropped me off at the Inn at Long Trail a little after 11am. The Inn is a popular stop for hikers for a meal and lodging. Hikers can enjoy a beer and burger at McGrath’s Irish Pub and then be back on the trail in mere minutes. Others hikers take the opportunity to use the Inn as a mail drop, get cleaned up, wash their laundry, refuel the belly up, and sleep in a bed with clean linens.

Spent most of my day taking care of chores. I needed to wait to get into my room, but I was able to get my laundry done while watching the Olympics in the game room. I love that they have loaner clothes that I can wear so I can wash all on my clothing at one time! How times have changed on the AT since 1998.

Engulfed a huge plate of nachos and a couple of beers at the Pub for lunch, after which I was able to get into my room.

Took a few minutes before heading to the room to look at the register from 1998. I neglected to sign the register in 1998, so the Inn Keeper let me sign it. It was wonderful to look at the names of all the great people I hiked with.


Picked up the box of food and supplies that I mailed to the Inn and headed for a shower. Caution Pack Explosion! Anyone that has long distanced hiked knows exactly what I mean. Having a room allows me to dry out my gear and get some of the funk out of it. And I covered every square inch with my gear.

Enjoyed a nice hot shower with a cold beer. Got a chance to shave my Chia Head. Afterwards I packed my food and reorganized my gear for an early departure tomorrow morning. Spent the rest of the afternoon lounging and hanging at the bar with other hikers.

Met up with The Incredibles and Hard Tack in the Lobby. Hard Tack has been ahead of me for a few days and it is finally good to put a face with the name. He has taken a day off here to rest a sore knee. His girlfriend drove up from Boston to spend time with him for a few days.

Got to talk with the Inn Keeper for a spell about how the trail and hikers have changed over the years. He isn’t really liking the type of hikers that he sees coming through lately. He received a call that morning from Miss Janet. She is a “Trail Angel” that is well known up and down the trail for helping out hikers. Mostly she just follows a group of hikers helping them slack pack and get to town for their supplies. She asked him if he could organize a party for a group of 50-60 thru hikers that are coming through in a few days. Apparently there is a wealthy guy that is throwing parties in different towns as he hikes north. I’m not against drinking a few beers, but this certainly would not be a scene I would enjoy on my hike.

Perhaps this is the riffraff that is ruining the trail and experience for others.

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