Long Trail: 8/4 Little Rock Pond Shelter 19.8 Miles

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Left the hostel this morning with BASA, Achilles, Sidewinder and Dragon. I met these hikers last night while having a couple cold ones at the Green Mountain House Hiker Hostel.

The hike today was great and went by quickly. Exceptional views from the top of Bromley Mountain, Peru and Baxter Peaks.  No real challenges today on the trail. Along the trail there were small pockets of mud but for the most part the trail is dry. Water was plentiful.

Spent a good portion of the day hiking and talking with BASA and Achilles. Both are northbound on the AT and making very good time. Felt good for me to be able to keep their pace throughout the day.

BASA is a retired firefighter from California, PCT Alumni and a strong hiker. Great to conversationalist and has many interesting tales and stories to tell. BASA is short for Big Ass Stone Arrow. He told me that he earned that name on the PCT when he wasn’t sure where the trail went, but was standing by a rock that had an arrow painted on its surface indicating the direction the trail went. You can read about his journey at: BASA’s 2016 Applachian Trail Journal.

Achilles is an energetic 20 year old from North Carolina that has amazed me today. I learned that he has Lyme Disease which he contracted on the trail. He could have just quit, but has chosen to push on to reach Katahdin.

We arrived at Little Rock Pond Shelter around 3:30 this afternoon. Absolutely picturesque spot to be staying. The shelter is in impeccable condition, roomy and one nice place to rest your feet. The lake is equally impressive. The views are spectacular and only made better by the call of a lone loon on the lake this afternoon. The sun is shining and all is good!!!

Enjoyed my Mountain House dinner with extra salmon and for dessert, Ramen. Sat and shot the breeze with fellow hikers till dark. Pepper, a hiker that I met earlier in the day, came in around 8 pm and shared a shot or two of Jim Beam. Off to bed I go for a 5 am start tomorrow. The temperature is expected to be warm, so knocking out the miles early is going to be key.

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