Long Trail: 8/7 Inn at Long Trail

Chris and I were both up early this morning. Packed up and headed for breakfast at Sugar and Spice. Excellent chow!

After breakfast we drove up to Killington to check out the scene. Impressive place with a variety of summertime activities available to all ages. You can rent mountain bikes, play golf, have fun at the adventure park, or treat yourself to a day at the spa. It crossed my mind to go in and see if they would be willing to do a pedicure. I can only imagine the look I would get when I pulled my feet out of  my trail runners!!!

Chris and dropped me at the Inn at Long Trail and we parted ways. It was great to see Chris and meeting up with friends along the trail is always a big boost. I was to early to check in so I sat and watched Olympics while catching up on my journal.

My room is nothing spectacular. A hot shower hit the spot. Like the Green Mountain House Hiker hostel the Inn has loner clothes. Took long hot shower and they went do to do my laundry and eat lunch at the pub. Lots of day hikers in the Pub and not shortage of hiking experts among the crowd. Lots of, “You need to do this or that”.

Not many hikers have come through today. I’m told that there is a group of 50-60 hikers behind me that are coming through in the middle of next week. Seems like this large group is more intent in partying up the trail. Hike your own Hike!, but this style is certainly not for me. If I wanted to party I would have stayed in college for another decade. Miss Janet called the Inn to see if they would be willing to organize a party for the hikers. Miss Janet is considered a trail angel by AT hikers. She spends her time shuttling and slack-packing hikers along the trail. I believe that she use to run a hostel near Erwin TN.

Time to get comfy with clean linens!



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