Long Trail: 8/1 Kidgore Shelter 18.5 Miles



From whiteblaze.net

Woke up early to a dreary morning, much like I expected. Solid nights sleep even with the shelter being full. The rain did a nice job of drowning out the usual human noises last night.

Quick breakfast, packed my gear and headed out by 7am.

The rain has subsided and I experience little more than a sprinkle today during my hike. The descent down to VT 9 was brutal on my knees and I took it slow and steady. The ascent up out of VT 9 wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it to be. A couple of miles north of the road I noticed two guys coming my way. Immediately I knew the face of one of them and by chance he was wearing a Geneseo Soccer hat confirming my thought. As they approached I said, “I know you” and received a perplexed look and then a confirmation of “Holy Shit”. Tim used to help coach a travel soccer team I was on and I played many a game with him 20+ years ago. He and his friend were doing a southbound section of the AT. We caught up on each others life for a little while and then moved on our separate ways. Always great to have those chance encounters on the trail.

Along the way I met several Southbounders (SOBO) and of course many Northbounders (NOBO). Here is my take on the two types of hikers I met today. Southbounders are quite nice and respectful hikers. Northboundres are generally assholes that act like they should be worshiped. The sense of entitlement was overwhelming. I hope that myself and other thru-hikers in ’98 weren’t that way.

Arrived at the shelter around 4 today just as the rain started up. There is a mother and daughter set up in the shelter from Maine that are hiking the LT heading north. They have been on the trail for three days and already contemplating getting off because of the weather conditions. I did my best to encourage them to take a rest day in town and continue on their journey north.

Met a nice young couple from Oswego, NY that stopped in for a snack on their way north on the AT. We talked about places in Oswego and their experience on the trail.

Two southbounders are in for the night as well as another LT hiker heading north. All nice people who have also encouraged the mother and daughter to press on.

Another asshole AT hiker heading north came in around 7pm. “Is there any room?” Several of us answer that we have room in the top bunk, next to me. Got to love his response, “Hell NO!”.

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