Not Going to Post!

Over the past few weeks emails have come in asking if I am going to be regularly updating my blog as  I hike the Long Trail in Vermont. Since my trip is going to be here before I know it, I wanted to provide you with an answer: No!

So here is my logic.

I don’t want to taint my experience or that of others by having to work on posts each evening in a shelter or under my tarp. I am out on the trail to enjoy mother nature, push my physical/mental limits and want to be free from such commitments. Personally I think that technology should be absent from the daily routine on the trail. Additionally I feel that it is rude to be blogging or using your phone when others are around.

You may not agree with my thought process, but that’s fine. Just don’t sit there talking on your phone or let your blogging keep me awake, I will say something!

I will be keeping a journal and transcribing my experience at a later date. My hope is that you can still enjoy reading about my experiences vicariously, just not on a minute by minute update.


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