A Wild Animal is Wild, that’s it! SO LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!!!

It’s that time of year when people stumble upon newborn animals that they think have been left for dead or abandoned by their parents. Concerned people post pictures to Facebook of themselves holding and saving the lives of the baby rabbits, fawns or other cute furry critters. What these people don’t realize is that you may have just caused more harm than good.

From cnn,com

from cnn.com

There was recently a case where some morons felt that a bison calf was cold and decide to put the calf in the back of their minivan. Genius! As a result of their stupidity the calf was rejected by the mother and had to be euthanized. Read more: Baby Bison Euthanized!

The tourons were fined $110.00 for touching park wildlife.  Perhaps they should have also been slapped in the face. I know violence is not the answer, but…

from cnn.com

from cnn.com

Here is another case of stupidity: Outrage after dolphin beach death.

A wild Animal is Wild, that’s it!

That cute little animal lives in the wild and will survive with the help from its parent(s), so leave it alone. If it can’t make it on its own, then it probably wasn’t meant to survive in the first place.

Time for Baby Animals

In the spring and early summer it is not uncommon to find young animals in the wild hiding in the tall grass. They are cute, seem helpless and friendly. You may think that the animals have been abandoned or orphaned, but the parent is probably out foraging for food to ensure that it can nurse its young. Adult animals will leave their young in hiding for a short period while they search for food. If you happen to be hiking through the woods or a field you may scare the animal away from its young. This doesn’t mean that they have abandoned their young! Rest assured that they will return back to feed or care for the young animal once you have left the area.

I bet you would lose your $%# if a person that you didn’t know came over and picked your kid up at the playground because you weren’t by his or her side. Just think for a moment how the mother of the animal you just picked up must feel!

If you see or find a baby animal, just leave the area quietly to let the adult return as soon as possible. If you know that the young animal is orphaned because the adult has died, leave it alone and contact a wildlife rehabilitator.

Use your head and consider the following:

  1. Don’t take wild animals out of the wild or try and relocate them.
    • In most cases it is against the law to keep wild animals without having a permit or license.
  2. Wild animals are unpredictable and can be dangerous to people.
  3. If an animal looks sick or hurt, don’t touch or pick the animal up.
  4. Keep your dog on a leash! Try and minimize the potential for interaction between your dog and wild animals.
    • Pets can become infected with diseases from contact with wild animals.
  5. Do not feed the wildlife. You are potentially putting yourself and the wild animal in a dangerous situation. Additionally, animals can get sick or develop bad habits as a result of your stupidity.
  6. Don’t disturb wildlife in their natural habitat! Observe wild animals from afar and enjoy them in their natural habitats.

Picking up a baby animal is not cool or advised. Putting a picture on your Facebook of you holding the animal just demonstrates that you are a very big moron!



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