Gold Bond! The Cure for Everything!!!

Back in 1998 a thru hiker came into a shelter in Virginia walking in such a precarious manner that everyone knew he was in serious pain.  Chaffing was destroying his ability to walk with a normal gait.  On this day I like to think I may have changed his life by introducing him to the tingly special world of Gold Bond!

Early in my AT hike I too was hurting and looking for a solution.  I had no hiking experience and had no knowledge on how to deal with my issues.  I remember hitching into a town looking for anything that could relieve my pain.  I just happened to stumble onto Gold Bond Powder.  

Keeping your body dry on the trail during the day is impossible and can bring on serious issues if not treated.  Part of my camp ritual is trying to get clean and dry as soon as possible to prevent issues.   A little prevention can save your hike from becoming a miserable slog just trying to get back to your car.

4oz bottle

The Ritual:

  1. I usually clean up by taking a quick dip in a lake, pond or stream.  If a good water source is not available I go for the wet wipes.  I make sure that I dry myself off as much as possible and have a dry set of duds to put on afterwards.  You may notice I did not say clean duds.
  2. After I am dry,  I just dump a handful of Gold Bond in to my hand and coat it all. Don’t ever skimp on the stuff. This keeps me dry and soothes any chafing hot spots.
  3. My feet are just as important as any other area to keep protected.  I always have 1 pair of socks that I use at camp.  This pair of socks will never see my trail runners!  I generously coat my feet and slip them into the socks just before bed.

The type of Gold Bond you choose should be the powder.  You’re trying to dry the area not moisturize it. I highly recommend the original body powder.  Gold Bond does make an extra strength version (Triple Action), but this is not recommended for the Gold Bond rookie out there!


3 thoughts on “Gold Bond! The Cure for Everything!!!

  1. Don’t forget the Desitin for when the damage is already done! Also – never,ever,ever think it’s a good idea to clean the chafed area with hand sanitizer!


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